Alvin New Commissioner of TxDot

Alvin New has lived in or near San Angelo since 1981. He is a member of the Texas Transportation Commission. During his time in San Angelo he has been a business investor, rancher and former Mayor. Currently he is a member of the Texas Transportation Commission which oversees activities of the Texas Department of transportation. He was appointed February 18, 2019.

The TxDot road department as well as general aviation in Texas are some of the departments under the responsibility of the Texas Transportation Commission. General aviation includes small facilities where private planes fly in and out. Ports, such as Corpus Christi, Galveston, Arthur and Freeport.; Ports of entry like Laredo are also overseen by the commission. “The Texas Transportation commission gets grants for runway extensions and improvements as well as help for the communications tower, it is a conduit for making sure that federal aviation funds are pursued for the State of Texas” commented New.

The commission over sees a total of 25 districts. “I have visited 18 of these districts looking through what is important to those local and regional areas, so I can do my job the best I can for the entire state of Texas” stated New.

In 2009 the Ports to Plains Alliance was formed between groups representing three congressionally designated High Priority Corridors on the U.S. “The alliance just had a bill passed in the Texas House and it looks like it is going through the Texas Senate to fund a transportation plan from Laredo all the way to the New Mexico border to study the feasibility of an interstate 27 that will cover that territory.” If there is not an interstate 27 designation the roots are still very important. “My job is to listen to each of the local areas and do the best I can to help with the bypass efforts here in San Angelo, keep moving and make the Ports to Plains a reality over time”

“I am pleased to be appointed Commissioner of the Texas Department of Transportation where I can make sure the rural parts of Texas are well represented as it relates to transportation and economic opportunities in the state of Texas.” Concluded New.

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